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Welcome to the Responsible Autonomy & Intelligent System Ethics (RAISE) lab! This wiki is meant to be read by all members joining the lab and our collaborators in the wider world.

Most new students have the same questions they need to address, and this is the space where those questions should be addressed for you and future new students joining the lab. If you have questions you couldn’t resolve from this document, please add them in the appropriate section in this document with the solution you eventually found.

Our goal here is to grow the lab together as a supportive and proactive community of happy researchers. The document is divided into sections so that you can read the parts that apply to you. All students should read Everyone, and all grad students (master’s and Ph.D.) should read the Graduate Students and so on.

Contents for Lab Members


Tools and Equipment

  • Physical Lab
  • Lab Equipment

Resources for Research

  • RAISE Lab AI Ethics Resources & Links
  • Literature review guide
  • RAISE Lab Writing Guide

Degree Program Specific Contents

Lab Admin Notes

Contents for Collaborators

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